• Royal jelly (1 g)

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    Royal jelly strengthens the immune system and prolongs life. Proof of this is the
    queen, which feeds only on royal jelly, because normal bees live 45-50 days, while
    queens live 5 years.
    The production of royal jelly is laborious. Produced by young bees for a week.
    Royal jelly is secreted by the glands in the bees’jaws.
    Royal jelly is widely used around the world in the fight against cancer.
    Royal jelly kills germs and prevents them from forming.
    Makes it easier to have children with infertility.
    Royal jelly improves blood flow by relieving vascular congestion.
    It is observed that diabetics have improved after being given royal jelly.
    Royal jelly is also a treatment for patients with asthma, bronchitis and shortness of
    breath, and cleanses the lungs and reduces phlegm.

    In addition, royal jelly supports muscle and bone development by accelerating the
    mental and physical development of children.